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discipleme arose out of our lifelong desire to be discipled. Scott and Jim have similar experiences as expressed in our testimonies below. We searched (for years) for mature men to disciple us and came up empty.  After failing to find what our hearts longed for we both decided we would commit our lives to becoming Disciple-Makers for those whom God brings to us. Our hope is that mature believers will join us in making disciples and investing in young believers that long for a mature believer to walk with them in their faith.

Scott: “I needed someone to talk to. I needed someone to help me uncover the lies that I held to be true in my worldview. I needed someone to help me understand my wickedness and sinful heart. I needed someone to help me assess my own spiritual condition. I needed someone to help me understand that unless my heart changed that my inappropriate behavior would never stop. I needed someone to point me to the Scriptures that would contradict the lie and challenge me to take steps of faith in obedience in the direction of my loving Savior. I needed someone to model repentance. I needed someone to love me enough to set me straight.”
Jim: “I can certainly echo Scott’s longing. I was a Christian and a pastor searching for an older brother to walk with. I knew I needed accountability, teaching, and quite frankly, love. I sought men out, asked them to meet with me, and hoped they would help me. Many of them were content to meet and talk about the weather or sports and maybe get a Bible lesson in from time to time. No one would take the challenge of discipling me though. After years of frustrated looking I cried out to the Lord one day and told Him if I couldn’t have anyone to disciple me that was ok, but I was determined to become the man I was looking for. I would be a Disciple-Maker and ask God to bring men to me who had the desire to be discipled.”

So Scott and I are committed to being the Disciple-Makers that we couldn’t find – We hope you are up to it as well. Please visit our CONTACT page and let us know what the Lord is speaking to you about discipleship.

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